Bifourthplacated Season Review

Bifourthplacated Season Review

(Bifurcated – (n. adj. adv. v.) To half-arse something to the point of it being one-hundredth of a fourteenth of an arse and therefore of little consequence to anybody, alive or dead.) IT’S FINALLY OVER!!  NO MORE FOOTBALL EXCEPT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL AND THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP WHICH WE LOVE AND THE COPA AMERICA […]

Ssssshhhh ... It's a Euro 2012 conspiracy!

Ssssshhhh … It’s a Euro 2012 conspiracy!


You can stick your whistle up your arse

You can stick your whistle up your arse

This article originally appeared in Issue 15 of the Football United Fanzine available to view here    To the foot stomping outrage of some fans, there exists statistical evidence which points to the fact that United don’t concede less, or win more penalties at home than other clubs, so we can finally put the myth that refereeing decisions favour the big clubs […]

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