Swansea vs. United

Swansea vs. United

 @Benglorious) It’s so much easier to write a decent preview after we’ve won the previous game.   Prediction: Lukaku to continue his development by kissing his sister and then hitting the winner into the exhaust port. 3-1, United  m  (@tom_mcghee) Cannot do words today. I am a conscientious objector over Swansea’s role in Vietnam. Damn them, damn […]

Liverpool 0 – 1 United

Marryone and Roonskiparinhoaldoski keep the march to successfulness victorious victory alive and banging, with the old one two how’s your grandma glorious boom times while instantaneously elevating themselves above the aboveness that they’d already elevated themselves above in the past, present and future. Klopp can take his gangnamstyle and go and get his coat on […]

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