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FA Cup: Blackburn 1 - 2 United

FA Cup: Blackburn 1 – 2 United

Magical Jose Mourinho used the magic of the cup to make magical Zlatan and magical Pogba magically appear on the pitch and magically create and magically score the magical winning magic. And now you’re gonna etc… Here’s 5 magical things we magic: 1. Brett is bad. 2. He was working. If anything he’s a working […]

United 4 - 1 Leicester

United 4 – 1 Leicester

Four one that was a good result BOOOM!!! As in ‘for me’. Cos the score was four goals to one. Tonight we’re gonna review like it’s 2-2-2-2012 on Twitter. Hold up it is!! Big Willy style innit. Not for you Mcghee. Football??!! Bloody hell!!! That’s mine. Last week we were all crying into our pot […]

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