FA Cup

FAC: Derby County 0 - 3 United

FAC: Derby County 0 – 3 United

Lol cos Brett’s in P etc

FAC: Derby County vs. United

FAC: Derby County vs. United

    (@Benglorious)   Prediction:  M  (@tom_mcghee)   Prediction:   M (@bifurcated_utd) Still in Poland sucks to be you. Prediction: see above.

(FAC): Tranmere 0 - 6 United

(FAC): Tranmere 0 – 6 United

Serious question: do Harry Maguire goals even count if they are not thumping headers? i.e. is the score really 0 – 5? Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. We seem a lot better when our opponents are a league or 4 below us – maybe something to look at in the future? 2. 6 goals, […]

FAC: Wolves 2 - 1 United

FAC: Wolves 2 – 1 United

Who knew predicting results after the game would prove so successful?!

FAC: Wolves vs. United

FAC: Wolves vs. United

If we’re writing this prediction after the game, we know it has ended 2-1. Mavericks.

FAC: Chelsea 0 - 2 United

FAC: Chelsea 0 – 2 United

The only real downside to last night’s result is the footage emerging of Alexis Sanchez looking very small. Apparently, he is just very small and not just very far away. Wait, two downsides: the MBM Krang/turtles tweet was wasted on all you scum.   Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. People sure don’t like Sanchez […]

FAC: Chelsea vs. United

FAC: Chelsea vs. United

(@Benglorious) Here’s yer boy with some more faultless logic – City thrashed Chelsea. Both City and United didn’t win in the Champions League last week. Ergo: United are as good as City. Double ergo: United will thrash Chelsea. Prediction: Did you not read that flawless argument? ’nuff said. 0-0 United. M  (@tom_mcghee) I will not […]

FAC: Arsenal 1 - 3 United

FAC: Arsenal 1 – 3 United

Tis oft said (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA like olden days language innit. Like Quaff, or Peacock Feathers) that the FA Cup is a magical competition, where miracles abound etc etc … Alexis Sanchez. Here’s another 5 things we learned: 1. Jesse moonwalking all over the pitch is the greatest celebration of all time and anyone who disagrees is […]

FAC: Arsenal vs. United

FAC: Arsenal vs. United

(@Benglorious) Finally got round to making a Tom/Ole face/off picture for his bio after he’s cried like John Terry for seven games. Unfortunately, this has left me no time to complete my F.A. Cup pre Prediction: Sanchez to do a good thing, Pogba to do a better thing, football to be the real winner. 0-0 […]

FAC: United 2 - 0 Reading

FAC: United 2 – 0 Reading

Sir Ole Gunnar FergSolkjaerson used this FA Cup tie as the perfect opportunity to show just how much we needed to pay any team to take Sanchez off of our hands. Genius imho. If only we could win every single game by scoring a million of goals and being the superior team, regardless of the […]

FAC: United vs. Reading

FAC: United vs. Reading

  m (@Benglorious) After the thorough despatchings of Cardiff, ‘uddersfield, Bournemouth and Newcassal, Ole’s first real test as United’s interimming temporary caretaking non-permanent manager comes today in the FA Cup final. Solskjaer’s boys will be looking to make sure the Writing is on the wall for Reading, ensuring their place in History. Maths. Prediction: Yet […]

United 1 - 0 Watford

United 1 – 0 Watford

Goodbye Michael Carrick, you were a wonderful … I’m gonna say … midfielder man?!   WOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOO!! NO MORE RUDDY GAMwhat? FA Cup what? FFS.   Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. Didn’t watch it on a stream or even the highlights that’s how little I care now. 2. Agents of SHIELD was lovely, Fitz & […]

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