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United vs. Leicester

United vs. Leicester

 @Benglorious) I am at a family barbecue, so I will keep this brief or I will get in serious trouble. Not from my family, from Brett for trying to kill him for the twelfth time this month.   Prediction: McGregor to win by TKO unless Mayweather knocks him the fuck out. Lukaku to travel to […]

United 4 - 1 Leicester

United 4 – 1 Leicester

Four one that was a good result BOOOM!!! As in ‘for me’. Cos the score was four goals to one. Tonight we’re gonna review like it’s 2-2-2-2012 on Twitter. Hold up it is!! Big Willy style innit. Not for you Mcghee. Football??!! Bloody hell!!! That’s mine. Last week we were all crying into our pot […]

Euro 2016: Week Uno Reviewo!!

Euro 2016: Week Uno Reviewo!!

BifEUROcated Week Uno Review!!!* *That’s funny cos the middle bit where it says ‘Week Uno’ is in white, so you can’t see what it says. What it says, I guess we’ll never know. This isn’t just a lazy/crass cut and paste of our “best” Twitter bits… It is. Bite us. “I despaired when Brett, who […]

Leicester 1 – 1 United

Another game, another point proven, made, gotten and proven. Did we say proven? We’ve forgotten the point. In this game, again, The Universe provided us with irrefutable evidence that the baddies always win, so ultimately what’s the point in remembering points anyway, if you get our point… Just realised Schneiderlin reminds me of an old […]

United vs Leicester

United vs Leicester

 Benno (@Benglorious) I haven’t been these excited to read the next installment of something since Andy McNab mentioned Charlie Three-One down, which incidentally is going to be United at halftime. Lol, as if we can score one goal. Anyway, I’ve remembered my point this time: Installments (I figured it out by reading over the stuff that […]

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