June 2016

United 1 - 2 City

United 1 – 2 City

Hands up who’s surprised?! We have rarely played well enough to win this kind of game all season, so expecting it now, when we’re in a particularly deep slump, always seemed unrealistic to me. All the talk of how we won’t become complacent counts for very little – we aren’t good enough to become complacent. […]

United vs City

United vs City

Our internet friends are always welcome to share some of their ‘Pre and Post Match’ thoughts with us from now on. If you want to share, get in touch! You can still enjoy our nonsensical, confusing, punctuation buffets below their proper good ones… Iwan (@IwanLehnert): Well, that’s the double gone, then. Bugger. Never mind, eh? […]

Canvey Island cds, tapes and vinyl: Chewie

Canvey Island cds, tapes and vinyl: Chewie

United fan and friend of Bifurcated Chewie (@RoughEstateDate) was logging on to Twitter, when the screen on her phone started to spew out boiling hot cake-mix! Just as it was running down her hand, she woke up … *phew* it was all just a dream. She was about to log on to twitter to tell everyone about said dream, but her phone was now […]

FAC: Chelsea 1 - 0 United

FAC: Chelsea 1 – 0 United

Oh dear. If Nani was being judged on that game alone and we were in a different time, he’d be taken down to the old pond round the back and drowned; Fergie would count himself lucky not to be following him. The players were awful, but Fergie’s team selection and the way he set us […]

Sunderland 0 - 1 United

Sunderland 0 – 1 United

I would genuinely rather we’d lost this game, if it would have saved Martin O’Neill and therefore prevented Di Canio from getting in. We’re not really storming to the 20th title are we? More bloody minded stumbling towards the finishing line with our shoelaces tied, which I think is possibly the best analogy ever, for our […]

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