Dwight Yorke

EL: Zorya 0 - 2 United

EL: Zorya 0 – 2 United

I had to write out 200 words from a WhatsApp convo, so you can suck on your disappointment if you want me to write anything else apart from here’s 5 things we learned from the Europa League glory:   1) Hards pitches equals wins. 2) Cement over Old Trafford pitch. 3) ?????? 4) Profit. 5. […]

United 2 - 3 Spurs

United 2 – 3 Spurs

We’re inviting some of our Twitter friends to share some of their ‘Pre and Post Match’ thoughts with us from now on. You can still enjoy my nonsensical, confusing punctuation buffets below their proper good ones…   IWAN (@IwanLehnert) : I blame my headphones breaking this morning for the fact I had a full forty […]

The Fairytale of Dwight Yorke

The Fairytale of Dwight Yorke

As gunshots rang out and ricocheted across Villa Park, a figure with his pants around his ankles, waddled clumsily into the back of the waiting getaway car.  The tyres screeched away as 12.6 million pounds spilled from the inside of the cab and was hurriedly gathered by the bumbling villa-gers, and thus setting in motion one of the single […]

Christmas Special: Fairytale of (name removed on legal advice)

Christmas Special: Fairytale of (name removed on legal advice)

It’s not just Christmas for us fans, NO! It’s also the Christmas party season for those little adorable angels employed by our favourite Premier League clubs!    **********   To get you feeling all snuggly warm and Christmassy, here’s a special rendition of a Christmas classic sung by two ex-Manchester United players whose on field partnership […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

Bi-Benno: Where Are They Right Now..?

Bi-Konny: Michael Owen Reads Mean Tweets...