Arsenal vs. United

Arsenal vs. United

 Benno (@Benglorious) Managed to fix my computer. Had to replace the 48.4H503.011 power button board with one I purchased on an electronic auction site. The results are satisfactory, as you can all see.   m Opposition summary: Arsenal are the best team in the Premiership League that sound like a butt.   Prediction: Martial to […]

Arsenal vs United

Arsenal vs United

    Ben (Benglorious): By now, you should have experienced enough fallout from the Fulham travesty to be screaming for Moyes’ head to be removed, covered in tar and placed next to that unlucky Stark fellow’s bonce on the ramparts of King’s Landing.  A bit of sword-breathing, topless dragons and incestuous dwarf-action would serve as […]

Danny, Me and Henry...

Danny, Me and Henry…

I was asked a couple of years back which other player Danny reminded me of the most and, without pausing for breath, I replied: “Henry” because he did … a little bit. It was met with such unexpectedly high levels of derision that, to save face; to pretend I wasn’t wounded – and that in fact […]

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