United 1 - 1 Swansea

United 1 – 1 Swansea

Jose Mourinho has turned drawing into an art form, and yet we all know that the definition of art is: A man or woman reading a book, to a deaf toy. I’ve forgotten my point.     Here’s 5 things we learned at the weekend: 1. We’re shit. 2. I cannot adequately express the rage […]

Watford 3 - 1 United

Watford 3 – 1 United

In a classic case of life imitating art – THAT’S RIGHT!!! WE ARE ART FUCKOS!! – Exactly what us said was gonna happen, actually went and happened, apart from the bit that happened at the end, that we didn’t say would happen exactly. After wrapping up the EPL against Southampton, we have now had our […]

Exhibition: The sound of the life of the mind

Exhibition: The sound of the life of the mind

My exhibition opens to the public today. It’s not really about football, but it does feature ‘Ka-Powell!’, after it was kindly voted for by people from the football Twitter-sphere. “How do I it?” (I’m asking on your behalf – you’re welcome!) I use electrical tape to draw with. I started drawing with electrical tape because when I […]

By a click of Paint: A real life grown up exhibition

By a click of Paint: A real life grown up exhibition

This week has emerged from the backwaters of the Internet and taken up temporary residence in a real life Arts Space. Yes, you heard right – we’re inflicting some of this stuff on the unsuspecting public. If you haven’t stalked me here yet, or more likely don’t have the inclination to, you might not know that I’m an artist. […]

Eat my An Oak Tree

Eat my An Oak Tree

It was inevitable that at some point in my capacity as A. N. Other Football Blogger I would be drawn into attempting to, in some way, address from my own point of view, an aspect of football’s relationship, or lack there of, with ‘art’. In my civvies away from this site, in what would be considered by some in direct contrast, I own and run […]

Engerlund's irie, I spose.

Engerlund’s irie, I spose.

I stopped sulking just in time to watch both England games this past week after a self imposed exile that stretches back to when the F.A, Capello, or whoever, reinstated John Terry as captain after he’d not actually apologised for all the bad stuff he’d done back in March of this year. I hadn’t missed much in those few […]

Who's Bad? Why Hargreaves won't fit in at City.

Who’s Bad? Why Hargreaves won’t fit in at City.

As the mass populous of football fans, primarily United ones,  whip themselves in to a vitriolic frenzy about the potential move of Owen Hargreaves to Manchester City we at Bifurcated have decided to look at things with a bit more clarity…through the eye of mathematics. Armed with two (TWO!) sheets of graph paper, a permanent […]


Owen Hargreaves – The Movie. (based on a true story that starts here…)

“Ich bin feeling so rad dude!” bellowed Owen as he violently embraced his good friend Dimitar. With a knowing smile and a lackadaisical shrug Dimitar handed him the Champions League trophy and as he triumphantly hoisted it skywards the stadium erupted. He caught a glimpse of himself against the silver plate and pulled the trophy […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

Bi-Benno: Where Are They Right Now..?

Bi-Konny: Michael Owen Reads Mean Tweets...