Middlesborough 1 - 3 United

Middlesborough 1 – 3 United

United’s tactics have come under intense scrutiny after their second half display saw them revert to a flat back eleven. For those of you who are new to Association Football, a flat back eleven is kind of like a flat back twelve but without the extra character bought in on the heist and without the […]

Middlesborough vs. United

Middlesborough vs. United

(@Benglorious)  m When a team lose their manager – as Middlesborough have done during this past week – it’s perceived that the players, fuelled by a feeling of emancipation (whether the players had lost faith, or not) become ‘stronger together’. However, if we delve into the statistics based on performance levels pre and post managers […]

United 2 - 1 Middlesborough

United 2 – 1 Middlesborough

Middlesborough offered little resilience as the Red and White and a Little Bit of Black and a Little Bit Less of Yellowy Gold Army’s 2016/2017 express train to Titletown pulled into Old Trafford Station, like a train made of goals. Pogba and Martial were the conductors collecting tickets, as the passengers from the North East […]

United vs. Middlesborough

United vs. Middlesborough

   (@Benglorious) Christmas was good because Brett didn’t try and force any of his lyrics on me. In unrelated news, I’m out of lyrics. Prediction: Middlesbra used to have Ravanelli playing up front. Rava-fucking-nelli. Ask your dad. Or Paul, whichever is oldest. Paul. Happy New Year or whatever. 0-0 United.    (@tom_mcghee) Not writing words […]

LC: United 0 – 0 Middlesborough (1-3 pens)

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re giving this analysis an egg theme… An egg each took the match into Added Egg Time and then eggsactly what happened next has been destroyed in the fire. No doubt, Capper Roo set the eggsample, and Michael ‘The Michael Carrick’ Carrick, and Ashley ‘The Elder’ Young did the […]

LC: United vs Middlesborough

LC: United vs Middlesborough

 Benno (@Benglorious) Eating my dinner while I’m “writing” because apparently I have more important things in my life than this shambolic website. Only joking. Not the dinner part – I’ve just dropped some mince on thr kweybnoardf. m Opposition summary: Middlesborough should be better than my last joke, but you (me) haven’t seen them since […]

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