FAC: United 2 - 0 Reading

FAC: United 2 – 0 Reading

Sir Ole Gunnar FergSolkjaerson used this FA Cup tie as the perfect opportunity to show just how much we needed to pay any team to take Sanchez off of our hands. Genius imho. If only we could win every single game by scoring a million of goals and being the superior team, regardless of the […]

FAC: United vs. Reading

FAC: United vs. Reading

  m (@Benglorious) After the thorough despatchings of Cardiff, ‘uddersfield, Bournemouth and Newcassal, Ole’s first real test as United’s interimming temporary caretaking non-permanent manager comes today in the FA Cup final. Solskjaer’s boys will be looking to make sure the Writing is on the wall for Reading, ensuring their place in History. Maths. Prediction: Yet […]

FAC: United 4 - 0 Reading

FAC: United 4 – 0 Reading

In years from now you’ll be able to tell your grandkids, “I was there!!” A goalscoring feat that we’ll be talking about for generations to come. Cementing one of United’s GOAT’s Hammerlegend status. One of those goalden moments… January 7th, 2017: Marcus Rashford with YET ANOTHER one-yard smash. Nothing else of note happened.   Here’s […]

FAC: United vs. Reading

FAC: United vs. Reading

 (@Benglorious) AND LEEDS m festival m Prediction: Benno to outsmart those chumps who thought they’d taken all the reading jokes. 0-0 United.    (@tom_mcghee) Manchester United Vs Reading is the very last thing we should be encouraging; reading is essential to humanity’s education and future – for us to just attack the concept is both […]

United 1 - 0 Reading

United 1 – 0 Reading

I didn’t see the game and only saw the highlights on MOTD2, so am in no position to comment. Lucky you. By all accounts Reading made a good fist of it and we were a tad lucky. The most important result of the weekend was at Goodison, so the three points are good enough – […]

United vs Reading

United vs Reading

How many times do we have to play Reading in a season? Have we entered a parallel Universe, whereby we’re actually in the Scottish Prem? We must have played Reading at least eleventy million times already. As I’ve said before I don’t have any time for Reading, which is handy, cus I can copy and […]

FAC: United 2 - 1 Reading

FAC: United 2 – 1 Reading

I think this picture taken about 200 BC (2oo days before Christmas 2011) was the last time Nani did anything any good. At least when he does do anything any good, it’s kind of worth waiting for. Providing a great cross and neat finish – that in effect won the game -, as he did, I’d still say […]

FAC: United vs Reading

FAC: United vs Reading

We’re inviting our Twitter friends, and now resident thought sharer Iwan Lehnert, to share some of their ‘Pre and Post Match’ thoughts with us from now on. If you want to share, get in touch! You can still enjoy my nonsensical, confusing, punctuation buffets below their proper good ones… Iwan (@IwanLehnert): I know that every […]

Reading 3 - 4 United

Reading 3 – 4 United

I had something really meaningful and poignant to say, but I’ve forgotten what it was, so you’ll have settle for the usual babbling. I never said I knew anything about football, so there was no need to believe me when I said that Reading posed no threat – in truth, the only threat came from […]

Reading vs United

Reading vs United

“We got ourselves a Reading!” as Bill Hicks wouldn’t have said. You still with me? Oh, well … here goes… I’ve never really liked Reading, and the fact they are now sponsored by Waitrose brings out the inverted snob in me – I really want us to absolutely stuff ‘em, like we’ve threatened to do […]

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