City 0 - 1 United

City 0 – 1 United

The 5 most comprehensive learns you’ll ever learn: Whatevs) didn’t see it. Trevs) me neither. I like the idea of winning though. Jinxevs) same.

United vs City

United vs City

    Benno (@Benglorious) Imagine if we’d got Mourinho instead of Moyes. Got that? Now imagine a giraffe, but with wheels and Quentin Tarantino’s face. Still with me? Now imagine a building so vast that it has its own capital city. What’s the name of that city? Nobody knows. I’ve forgotten my point. m Opposition summary: Manchester […]

United 4 – 2 City

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United vs City

Tom (@tom_mcghee) Something about football, lazy joke, Optimus Prime reference, obscure Mos Eisley reference, peas and carrots peas and carrots   My preview (if poss, no computer here innit) Lemon Cristal ***** Moonshine ***** Tangerine Dream *** Super Polm **** Lemon Haze Iso *****   Weed reviews go first, stupid data package f*cking it up […]

United 0 - 3 City

United 0 – 3 City

If Moyes was trying to upset me, then he was going about it in exactly the right way in attempting to replace Carrick with Tony in the opening ten minutes. Carrick was injured, so potentially needed replacing – I get that – but why not bring on Fletcher? In readying Tony, Moyes gave one of […]

United vs City

United vs City

  Ben (Benglorious): For starters, why are they called ‘City’?  They don’t have a cathedral as far as I can remember, just a stadium that nobody can spell the name of.  Regardless of their glaring misnomer, they’re still a team to fear:  literally banging in more goals than West Ham and with far fewer defensive […]

City vs United

City vs United

Our internet friends are always welcome to share their ‘pre’ and ‘post match’ thoughts with us; if you want to share, get in touch! You can still enjoy our nonsensical, confusing, punctuation buffets, below their proper good ones…   Tom (@Tom_McGhee): 4-3. 6-1. Michael Owen. There is literally NOTHING good about Derby Day. A single […]

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