Middle Men: Who should stay? Who should go? Who should replace them?


As we have come to expect around the time when the transfer window flaps open, we are once again inundated with speculation as to who will come in and fill the gaping holes in our midfield.

We can surely expect at least one arrival to ease our midfield malaise. Did you here that David Gill? AT LEAST.

The questions are simple, none of our usual messing about. Who do you want rid of? Who do you want to keep? Who do you want to see here next season?

4 Responses to “Middle Men: Who should stay? Who should go? Who should replace them?”

  1. Well I think it’s clear that ando and park have to go. They have been way below our standards for a long time. And ando just can’t stay fit. I think realistically giggsy and scholesy would go. But for me and for many united fans I believe mostly for sentimental reasons do we want to keep them on. But honestly, other than coming on in the last 20-30 minutes, I don’t see them starting against any of the sides in the pl. as far as fletcher goes, I hear that his medical condition is chronic and that it will be a problem for him always. He’s a fantastic player, and I’m sure we’d be celebrating our 20th title if he was healthy. But the ruthless united of 10-15 years ago would have moved on and all those players would have been gone years ago.

    As for whom to replace them, Hazard just announced he’s going to Chelsea, so he’s out. We need two young central midfielders. I admit to not knowing a lot about players outside of England as I don’t watch a lot of their games but we clearly need two that can start most games together. Carrick can be first in rotation and quite honestly, nobody is sure how good cleverley is. I think it would be a mistake to let pogba go. From what I’ve see of him, he can be one of those midfielders. I don’t agree with united bring worried about breaking their youth structure by paying someone so much. But how is it different from paying loads of money for a player a year or two older than pogba?

    Powell looks to be a player, but too similar to rooney’s role from what I’ve seen. He doesn’t play as a midfielder as people say. He was more of a striker that comes back an start the attack. But he was a lot higher up the pitch than a midfielder would be.

    Lastly, I know I don’t want modric or sneijder. Sneijder is older than I like at 28 and last season he was injured a lot. Modric is also up there in age, and he’s a good player, just doesn’t strike me as someone who can control the midfield and control a game. He’ll definitely help but we need a stronger player.

  2. Thanks for your comments again Maz.

    I agree with most of what you say. Giggsy and Scholesy are still capable, but when over-used what they offer becomes diluted. Fingers crossed on Fletcher, hey (And Cleverley).

    Sneijder would have been about right last season, but now not so much. Not sure Modric is exactly what we’re looking for, don’t think we’ll get him anyway. Although wouldn’t be disappointed if we did. I try where possible to ignore a lot of the rumours, but it’s exciting, so hard to put into practice.

    I think Ando has definitely got to go as it’s just not working out for him here. Park has had a bad season, but wouldn’t mind too much if he was still in the squad next time round.

  3. As per me,

    we are stocked well in defence, and we should give proper run to Rafael rather than panic buying, also we can play evra this season with Fryers in backup.. even evans can play there.

    About Forward line, we can push Nani upfront like we did with Ron.. and then may be get one striker if Owen, berbatov and macheda are leaving, otherwise okay.

    Its all about MF, i still think Anderson and Cleverley should get one more season to prove themselves, and if Fletcher is not back, we need 2 MF players. As scholes and Carrick can’t play all games..

    So one MF is must, extra is okay if young, and 1 CF if we are getting rid of all..

    That should be it, Unless we are planning on replacement of giggs and scholes to come in and settle, then we need 2 good players more, but with more players its tough to keep all happy.

    Out: Park, berba, owen, Macheda, bebe,
    Loan out: Fabio, Amos, Petrucci, Keane brothers.

    And i forget, we can actually have couple of youngsters step up to first team, lets see what fergie has in mind.

  4. Firstly, Thanks for the comments.

    I agree with most of what you’re saying. Cleverley definitely needs more time and
    hopefully he’s not injury prone. If we did get Fletcher back we wouldn’t need to invest so much, but the signs don’t appear good.

    As for Anderson, I really like him and think he’s very capable, it’s just not working out for him here. If he was given one more season he would have to be extraordinary to stick around any longer than that.

    Everything else you said, I’d go along with :-)

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