United vs Cardiff

United vs Cardiff

Ben (Benglorious): When Mr Bifurcated (I don’t know his real name) asked me to contribute to his website, I immediately asked about the remuneration package. ¬†After getting some very evasive responses, I finally realised that I was supposed to do it for free like all the other “writers”. This struck me as odd, particularly with […]

Cardiff 2 - 2 United

Cardiff 2 – 2 United

It’s gonna be one of them seasons. Whatever that means. I dunno. I only write this stuff. I’m not expected to make sense of it as well. Am I? Danny’s back <3

Cardiff vs United

Cardiff vs United

The Human League obviously foresaw Danny’s prolonged absence, when they penned their hit Tell Me When Will I See Danny Welbeck Again (You have to play it backwards, whilst walking counter-clockwise round a tree, in a church yard). I miss him. The good news is he’s so close to being back, I can smell him […]

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