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CL: Basel 1 – 0 United

CL: Basel 1 - 0 United

Last minute goals are for tools. We’ve always said that. Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. If the second half was anything like the first half it must’ve been an awful match. 2. I didn’t watch the second half. 3....

United 4 – 1 Newcastle

United 4 - 1 Newcastle

37 more wins like this and the EPL is ours (read our MBM twitter feed to save yourself a click on here). 5 things we learned: 1. Painting fresh plaster is extremely tiring. 2. Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford were...

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RT @UtdRantcast: Picasso had his blue period, Louis van Gaal had his Nick Powell period.
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250ney! Revroo!!
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250ney! Revroo!!

  Wayne Mark Rooney. Captain. Leader. Legend. 250 goals scored in a United shirt to take the record out of Sir Bobby Charlton’s skeletal grasp. To put that in perspective: If he played for another 36 years he’d have 1000…

Huddersfield 2 - 1 United

Huddersfield 2 – 1 United

Still not wasting jokes on this.

Huddersfield vs. United

Huddersfield vs. United

Not wasting joke on this.

CL: Benfica 0 - 1 United

CL: Benfica 0 – 1 United

What a game. Here’s 5 things we learned that we have never learned previously, but don’t check any of the previous reviews as that might compromise our special relationship: 1. Rashford is the only acceptable proof of God’s existence. 2. That keeper is the only person in the world who is worse at his job than Brett. 3. Legit fell into a coma. 4. I got better. 5. I actually spent the entire first half...

CL: Benfica vs. United

CL: Benfica vs. United

 @Benglorious) After the weekend’s disappointing game against Liverpool in the mediocrity of a competition that is the Premier League, tonight is a welcome return to the unrivalled magnificence of the UEFA Champions League European Cup Sponsored By Gazprom. Mourinho rested a good number of his squad ahead of this match, with many of them seen playing on their Sony Playstations or kicking back with an ice-cold Heineken, Pepsi, Pepsi Max or Gatorade as their team...

Liverpool 0 - 0 United

Liverpool 0 – 0 United

Not even worth finding a picture for tbh. Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. Never answer your phone when your brother rings. 2. Didn’t watch because I did answer the phone. My mistake was answering the phone. Hopefully the first point will prevent anyone else making said mistake ie answering the phone. 3. I’m out of the football game. It’s all about vocal coaching and chocolate pizzas. 4. Chocolate. 5. Pizzas. 6. Whatever next?! 7....

Liverpool vs. United

Liverpool vs. United

   @Benglorious) I’m also going to leave this one to you B-man. Big kisses. P.s put that Klopp picture as the preview header today. You’re so talented. Extra kisses. Prediction: I love Brett more than Tom. m  (@tom_mcghee) I’m going to leave this one to you B-dawg. You’re the best. I’ve always said that. Brett (Concept film: coming soon hopefully) This film is yet to be made, or written, but it will be the best...



T.Huck: Ander

T.Huck: Ander

United 4 (FOUR) - 0 Crystal Palace

United 4 (FOUR) – 0 Crystal Palace

Autumn is upon us, so, it should come as no surprise that The Tree is performing so strongly. Let’s hope it doesn’t last for three months. Miss hating him with the same venom that we hate each other tbh. R*zero*y H*zero*dgs*zero*n, more like !! L*zero**zero**zero**zero**zero**zero**zero*l !!   Here’s 5 things we have observed from our observing: 1. 4-0 is the new orange is the new black 2. What about the other games?** 3. Why are...

CL: CSKA Moscow 1 - 4 (FOUR) United

CL: CSKA Moscow 1 – 4 (FOUR) United

5 things innit: 1. Had a look and nobody had done owt so i didn’t either. Cool story bro. 2. Same. 3. Oh.

United vs. Crystal Palace

United vs. Crystal Palace

 @Benglorious) Crystal Palace have never won at Old Trafford in the Premiership League. Their new manager, Roy Hodgson, has never won at Old Trafford in the Premiership League. This season, United have won all three games at Old Trafford in the Premiership League, scoring ten goals. Palace haven’t scored a single goal this season in the Premiership League, and have set the record for the worst ever recorded start. Nailed on 1-0 Palace.  m Prediction:...

CL: CSKA Moscow vs. United

CL: CSKA Moscow vs. United

 @Benglorious) Oh.  (@tom_mcghee) Had a look and nobody had done owt so I didn’t either. Cool story bro.   (@bifurcated_utd) Same.

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