Angel di Maria

United vs Spurs

United vs Spurs

Benno (@Benglorious) To the lads; Hotel is amazing. Weather is brilliant. Went snorkelling today and saw a big ray thing. What was the score in the Arsenal game? Hope Angel did the business after my amazing preview. Did you know that they play football here in Jamaica but they use a smaller ball and hit […]

FAC: United vs Arsenal

FAC: United vs Arsenal

Benno (@Benglorious) By the time you two read this, I will be dead. I don’t know what’s gone wrong here.  That worked so much better in my head with completely different words. Anyway, Arsenal are the visitors tonight for this FA Cup match.  As this is the first time that United and Arsenal will have […]

Footballiversity #2

Multiversity is an ongoing DC comics series written by Grant Morrison. Every month sees a story in a different version of the DC universe (eg the kids of the well-known heroes who have nothing to do because their parents created a utopia where the bad guys can never win) loosely tied around a seemingly haunted […]

West Ham 1 – 1 United

Give us this day our Danny Blind and forgive us our long passes, as we were playing them that long pass against us. And lead us not into tenth place please; with deliveries from Tony. Four-Five-One is the kingdom. And the power, and the glory, for Ander Herrera. Amen. Capper Roondog has come under a […]

United 3 – 1 Leicester

I learned a valuable lesson this week: when something wins it’s British, and when it loses it’s Scottish. Not exactly sure of the benefits of being British, apart from you don’t have to pay for stuff with paper money that people want to throw house bricks at you for using, on site, and I suppose […]

United vs Leicester

United vs Leicester

Benno (@Benglorious) It’s all excitement and joy today in Bifurcated Towers as myself and Tom (the guy with the preview below mine that you always skip over to get to Brett’s little piece of insanity) are actually visiting the Theatre of Dreams in actual real life and stuff.  Apparently, the previews we write are for […]

F.A Cup: Yeovil Town 0 - 2 United

F.A Cup: Yeovil Town 0 – 2 United


Stoke vs United

Benno (@Benglorious) “Happy New Year” is me telling you all (Ha! “You all”) a massive lie because it’s still 2014 as I write this.  In my head it’s still 1994 but that’s my problem, not yours.  If it WAS still 1994 we wouldn’t be playing Stoke because I don’t remember them playing back then, ergo: […]

Spurs vs United

Spurs vs United

Benno (@Benglorious) There’s two good things about not having an enforced winter break in the Premiership League:  Firstly, there’s lots of games in a short period of time; and twoly, in a short period of time there are a lot of games.  Unfortunately, there’s also two bad things about footballs during Christmas:  Onely, there’s far […]

Van Gaal's United - A Song by Paul off of the Rantcast

Van Gaal’s United – A Song by Paul off of the Rantcast

United vs Newcastle

United vs Newcastle

Tom (@Tom_McGhee): I haven’t done one because I don’t work on Jesus Birthday but I’m sick of these two putting words in my mouth something something Optimus Prime something Star Wars something Nasri for Rooney. I don’t know why this is in bold band massive. Prediction: Font changes back to…smaller….Some goals are either scored or not scored […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

Bi-Benno: Where Are They Right Now..?

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